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Referral Criteria

All clients referred to Arts Network must:
  • have a clinical diagnosis of severe mental illness (SMI) from a Mental Health professional.
  • have ongoing contact with a mental health professional e.g. Care Coordinator, CPN, Psychiatrist, Social Worker etc.
  • have provisions in place for their mental health support needs.

Please note:

  • Clients with a history of drug and alcohol misuse must not be using during the referral process.
  • There must be 3 points of contact on the referral e.g. referrer, CPN, GP, emergency contact.
  • Referral forms must be signed by BOTH referrer and member or we will not be able to process the referral.
  • Please fill in ALL sections of the referral.

  • We do NOT accept GP referrals.

If you think the services provided at Arts Network may benefit your client please fill in our referral form. 

Referral forms should be mailed to us at:

Arts Network
8 - 12 Eltham Road
SE12 8TF

Or email to info@artsnetwork.org.uk

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any additional information, or assistance in completing this form.