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Mo Saunders : Founder and Creative Director

"Having worked for South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust since 1996 managing a project called Network Arts, which was closed in July 2012 due to NHS cuts in day service.

Knowing the value of creative activities and how it can relieve mental distress and improve wellbeing I decided to continue the work and formed a charity.

So in August 2012 South East London Arts Network, now simply “Arts Network” was formed.

My belief is that we are all individuals with different types of complex needs. We all should be treated in a positive, respectful way and be able to contribute as individuals to a healthier community that embraces and encourages good mental health for all.

Our work transcends disabilities and through the art and creativity we offer it leads to making people more powerful and more aware of good mental health."


Mo Saunders - Artistic Director
Mathew Couper - Development Director
Emily Patterson – Project Manager
Paula Rivas Rodriguez - Workroom Leader


Dave Sullivan - Chair
Gabby Jenkinson - Vice-Chair
Tim Newsome - Treasurer
Mike Pike - Secretary
Kirsty Giles - Director
Doris Nicol - Director
Jo Bedford - Director
Gill Philips - Director
Brigitte McGinty - Director
Phil Baird - Arts Ambassador and Non-executive Director