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Flight is the fourth annual event held at Tate Modern 
in celebration of World Mental Health Day 2015.

As part of this collaborative project, six local and national arts and mental health organisations came together. Working with the Tate to hold workshops, raise awareness and celebrate positive attitudes towards mental health.

We used artwork made by members of each organisation to create the logo for the event. 
This artwork was displayed on the day, decorating the corridor that led to the workshops.

The Arts Network workshop invited members of the public to create their own short animation, contributing to a collaborative piece.

In our session, an introduction to Animation
participants learnt the basic skills needed to make a short animation.
Our members volunteered at the event and passed on skills they learnt from a 8 week programme with ForMED Films at The Horniman Museum, a project we affectionately named 'School of Animation'. 
You can find out more about how we learnt our animation skills Here

We asked participants to draw their flight themed animation onto specially made strips of paper, containing 21 frames (individual boxes) and then take the strip over to our animation stations for processing.

At the animation station graduates of 'The School Of Animation' showed participants how their drawing become a short film. 


 Watch this space! The finished animation is coming soon!

Organisations taking part include