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In the summer of 2015 a group of lovely people from local fixed gear cycling groups, East London Fixed (ELF) and Fixed Gear London (FGL) were given the opportunity to support a local charity in exchange for there time and energy. 

That charity was Arts Network. 

This eco-friendly, people powered event raised awareness for climate change.
A cinema screen was powered by static bikes, hooked up to a generator. Members of the cycling team had to pedal to provide the screening of Ghostbusters for the captivated audience on Clapham Common.

An hour and forty-seven minutes of non-stop pedalling by twenty people!

The audience were asked to donate spare change to the cyclists chosen charity as a reward for all their hard work!

Arts Network would like to thank the members of ELF and FGL for supporting our project.

We'd also like to thank Ben & Jerry's for a wonderful opportunity, experience...

and all the free unlimited ice cream! 

Many Thanks 

Everybody who donated their time and energy 

For more photos and details head over to Dan Coops blog.