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In the spring of 2015, a group of Arts Network members were invited by the Horniman Museum and Gardens to make a film in collaboration with ForMed films a company of wonderful animators, including BAFTA award winner Emma Lazenby. 

For four weeks we met in the Hands On Base of The Horniman Museum. We were given access to the handling collection of objects, which helped inspire our animations.

We started off learning about how to make drawings into moving 
images by drawing on zoetrope strips. 

The zoetrope strips we used contained 10 boxes, called frames. 

This is the process we used...

Draw a picture in the first frame, say a ball. Then drew the ball again in each of the other frames, but making small changes to the ball, so the ball moves around the box. 

Take a photograph a of each frame using the specialist computer software. 

When the frames appear quickly enough on the computer y
our eyes are tricked into thinking the ball was moving by itself.

Fun Fact: The human eye can send 10 images to the brain per second
 perceiving them individually.

We were then introduced to other forms of animation
Pixelation, Stop Motion, Cut-Out, Hand Drawn and Experimental.

It was great having different tools and materials. We were able to work in groups, pairs or as individuals. So everyone was able to work within their comfort zone. This made it an incredibly laid back working environment. A great breeding ground for creative potential.

We were able to explore their imaginations and invent new worlds.

Artefacts from the Horniman collection were brought to life in 'The School Of Animation'!

School of Animation by Phil Baird

 'I took part in a creative collaboration between Arts Network, ForMed and The Horniman.
I would describe the overall experience of the project as a partnership of animated animators. There was much group learning and individual contributions. There were lots of opportunities to choose different methods of 
animation so that individuals could develop and make their own style of work.
It is always a pleasure to work with the Horniman, who has lovely objects as a resource, a beautiful building, exemplary staff and knowledgable facilitators.
All our work was brought to vibrant life in 'The School of Animation' film.
The ForMED people were very professional and had all the equipment necessary and simply explained the processes involved.
As the main participants, Arts Network members benefited from much group bonding and fun, while involved with creative animation film making. It is great the way all 3 groups integrated and formed a community.'

The film produced is now complete and can be seen here...

Hope you enjoyed our film.
For more animations, check out our Youtube Channel


'It was good to work and learn with other people'

'I learnt all the basics of animation, able to animate films by myself now'

'The animation course was the best thing I had done in a long time. I have been inspired and can't wait to carry on, maybe even doing at home'

'It was good to be doing something creative and positive'

'It gives a spark of life to try a new creative thing & confidence when it works'

'Animation had a very positive effect on my wellbeing – lovely to come to such an excellent innovative project. Thank you!'

Many Thanks

The Horniman Museum & Gardens | ForMed Films 

Artists of Arts Network