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Cabochon: a gem that has been shaped and polished but not faceted. The resulting form is 

usually rounded obverse with a flat reverse. 

Well, we're not actually polishing precious gems! We wish! 
The cabochon workshop teaches you how to fuse glass in a microwave kiln to create wonderful art and jewellery.
 We use the word cabochon to refer to the way the glass looks and the shape that is created by using the microwave kiln.

The process can seem very mysterious, with all the 'magic' happening inside a sealed clay pot so you can't see the process happening. Even after kiln is removed from the microwave, it remains concealed until the glass within cools down. 
If the glass cools too quickly it causes weakness in the glass and it can crack.

Sometimes mistakes happen!

But that's all part of the process.

Here are some of the wonderful pieces made.

Many Thanks 

The artists of Arts Network