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In the early Spring of 2015 we took a trip to Kew Gardens

We may of had our umbrellas and wellington boots at the ready! But we didn't need them!

 We explored the Palm House, Aquarium and Waterlily House. But, the highlight of the day was the picnic! We all sprawled out on the grass, sunbathing. Everybody had a packed lunch with them... but a some had brought extra to share. 
So there was plenty of chips and salsa for all! 
(And chocolate!)

One of the members was celebrating a birthday. 
So our top secret mission (while all were distracted by snacks) was to pass around a card to sign as inconspicuously as we could.
Someone had even bake a homemade cake for the birthday boy!

It was a wonderful day! With wonderful people!


'It felt good to be alive'

 'I enjoyed the venue and the atmosphere'

 Many Thanks 

Kew Gardens | Members of Arts Network for being great company
Special Thanks to Jean Marc for the worlds best salsa.