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'Time to Change is a social movement made up of hundreds of thousands of individuals and organisations across England, who are all doing their bit to change the way the nation thinks and acts when it comes to mental health' 

We took part in their 'Take 5' campaign on 5th February 2015.
A pledge to start a conversation about mental health.

We had a bit of difficulty constructing our chatterboxes, but after a tutorial from Mo, Arts Network Creative Director we were ready to start our chat!

We spoke about our mental health and made pledges that we thought would have a positive affect on our futures.


Take 5 minutes to...

'relax, and remember things to be grateful about'

'talk to my friend'

'go to Arts Network'

Hope everyone kept their pledge!

A huge thank you to everybody who took part in the making of the Time to Change:Time to Talk mosaic (at the top of this page) The mosaic workshop held at Lee Green Open Studios 2014 was to help raise awareness and end mental health stigma. We'll done everybody, it looks amazing.