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Grand Bazaart was an event held at Tate Modern in celebration of 
World Mental Health Day 2013. 

A collaborative project. Six local and national arts and mental health organisations banded together along with the Tate to hold workshops, artist talks and gallery walks, all to raise awareness and celebrate positive attitudes towards mental health.

For the Arts Network workshop members of the pubic where asked to be inspired by their surroundings. Colourful acetates and postcards were decorated with London skylines, spoken word and inspirational quotes.

All artwork create at the event was later Exhibited at Tate Brockley, 
our gallery in a phone box.


Art connects mind and body, it settles me, when I can’t speak or my words terrify me I can get feeling out through art. Simple inclusive things make the difference. In crisis and in times of stability.’

‘Yes, art helped me through difficult times and express myself’

‘More please. Mental Health issues are daily not one day a week. This opens up elitist places to people like me who only usually come here to use the loo!’

‘Very therapeutic and entertaining day off with family’

‘It was good because there was an interaction between people and everybody was really kind.’

Thank to all the organisation who contributed